It started with an idea that evolved into something else..

ÛNE, une, one
nom féminin

-What started as a quest to create timeless, sizeless and sustainable clothes evolved into antique and collected items for the mindful home.
Here’s our story.

Ûne Atelier by Lina Paciello and Karin Lind. Two aesthetes with a shared love for the simple beauty in life, aiming to live with more intention, less impact, inspired by a mediterranean joie-de-vivre.

Perhaps it was the search for perfect, transseasonal pieces. Perhaps it was the changes of 2020. Or the constant quest to simplify everyday life. An idea came to Lina of creating a new kind of sizeless, timeless clothing brand. Sharing her ideas with Karin, ÛNE came to life, manifesting our shared values and aesthetic.

-But the idea took a turn because no matter how much you try to run a small business with a lot of care and intention there is always an inherent ethical dilemma in the sale of new products even when these are biodegradable and produced thoughtfully. A new product still requires the extraction of raw materials and result in the creation of more ‘objects’ that eventually need to be recycled or disposed of.
In our personal lifes as well as the way we run our boutique it’s based on two  common values: conscientiousness and moderation. 
Vintage and collected items offer buyers ‘new’ products without the use of new materials while at the same time reducing waste through the recirculation of goods. 
In addition to the environmental benefits of vintage items there is of course the plus side of purchasing vintage pieces for your home. In a culture dominated by mass-production, mass-consumption and fast-fashion, collected pieces and vintage items creates a home with warmth and character through their used, lived-in patina. 
Our curation is based on the aesthetic principles of timelessness and simplicity. A one of a kind collection of hand-selected vintage pieces collected from our travels, and vintage markets. Simple forms, natural materials, neutral colours and a timeless aesthetic.

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