Designed in Stockholm with a mediterranean heritage. On a quest to create timeless and sizeless designs.

ÛNE, une, one
nom féminin

Designed in Stockholm by Lina Paciello and Karin Lind. Two aesthetes with a shared love for the simple beauty in life, aiming to live with more intention, less impact, inspired by a mediterranean joie-de-vivre.

Perhaps it was the search for perfect, transseasonal pieces. Perhaps it was the changes of 2020. Or the constant quest to simplify everyday life. An idea came to Lina of creating a new kind of sizeless, timeless clothing brand. Sharing her ideas with Karin, ÛNE came to life, manifesting their shared values and aesthetic.

-Tired of traditional sizing and labels, we decided to create timeless, sizeless pieces. ÛNE is a new take on ‘one size fits many’, our garments are created with the female body in mind, made to fit most shapes and sizes.

We at ÛNE aim to produce slow, authentic pieces with sustainability and traditional craftmanship in mind. Locally produced and made of eco-friendly materials, we create timeless, transseasonal pieces made to love, made to last.